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Feb 6, 2023

Beverly Price is a divorce and empowerment coach, podcast host and woman on a mission. She’s a woman who has been through it all—and came out fighting.

She knows what it's like to be a divorced woman in today's world—and she wants to change that.

According to Beverly’s research, a large percentage of women struggle with low self-confidence and negative self-perception. Specifically, 79% of women do not feel confident, and many believe they are inferior to other women. Additionally, 62% do not believe they are intelligent, and approximately half do not think they are beautiful. This is especially true for divorced women. Beverly is dedicated to changing this and is working to improve the self-confidence and self-perception of divorced women.

HerSelf Expression specializes in divorce and empowerment coaching for women who want to make their own decisions about their lives and their futures.

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